DVD - The Chow qigong system - Volume 1, 2 and both Volumes

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Volume: Vol. 1: Qigong Basics & Exercises
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The Chow Qigong System By Dr. Effie Poy Yew Chow PhD. R.N. C.A.

Dr. Chow hosts this program and shares her vast knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine gained in over 40 years of clinical experience. This system can increase your energy level- help you lose weight without dieting- delay the aging process- enhance your sexual performance- relieve fatigue- stress and pain- and reverse paralysis and other serious conditions.

The Chow Qigong System Vol. 1: Qigong Basics and Exercises (90 min.).

The Chow Qigong System Vol. 2: Qi Pressure (45 min). 

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