DVD - Snake Fist (Emei Style)

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Snake Fist is legendary throughout the martial arts as one of the most powerful and deceptive fighting styles. Snake Fist is known for its lithe body movements and its wicked strikes. When attacking, Snake Fist strikes like a cobra spitting venom, and then recoils as if jolted by lightning. In this videotape, Helen Liang reveals the complete set of the Snake Fist of Emei Mountain, the training grounds for many of China’s greatest warriors. She breaks down the set into simple lessons, shot from multiple angles to show all of the nuances of this sophisticated set. In addition to the set, Ms. Liang discloses the hidden fighting applications behind the movements. (approx. 55 min) For a quick preview of the video clip please Click here( These video clips are presented at a low resolution for the web. Actual videos are much more sharp and clear. )

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