DVD - Shuai Chiao – The Ancient Chinese Fighting Volume 1/2/3/All 3

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Shuai Chiao is the ancient Chinese art of take downs and throws. Join Dr. Daniel Chi-hsiu Weng, a pupil of the renowned Shuai Chiao Grandmaster Ch'ang Tung-Sheng, as he shows you everything you need to know to get a black belt in throw at real combat speed first, and then breaks them down into clear easy-to-follows lessons. This video series teaches you the history, applications, safe landing methods and self defense techniques. Dr. Daniel Chi-Hsiu Weng served as an assistant at the Grandmaster Ch'ang Tung-Sheng Central Police College in Taiwan, ROC in the 1970's. He captured the national champion title in 1969 and 1970. Dr. Weng is the former chairman of the Department of Chinese Martial Arts for the Chinese Culture University. He remains the President of the United States Shuai-Chiao Association and a faculty member of the University of Ease-West Medicine in Sunnyvale, California. Vol.1: Green Belt (5th Chieh): Basic forms and throws, plus self defense combos for the first belt ranking. The first 15 characters of Grandmaster Ch'ang Tung-Sheng enlightening "Poem of Shuai Chiao" are explained. Vol.2: Green-Blue-Green Belt and Blue Blet (4th Chieh & 5th Chieh): Intermediate forms and throws for the next two belt rankings. The second 15 characters of Grandmaster Ch'ang Tung-Sheng enlightening "Poem of Shuai Chiao" are explained. Vol.3: Purple-Blue-Purple Belt, Dark Blue Belt & Black Belt (2nd Chieh, 1st Chieh & 9th Teng): Advanced forms and throws for the next three belt rankings, including black belt. Additional self defense combinations are demonstrated.

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