DVD - Advanced Small Circle Jujitsu - Fulcrum Activation

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Small Circle Jujitsu is a world-accredited system created by Professor Wally Jay - 10th Dan Grandmaster. Fluidity, economy of motion and effortless control through pain compliance, are all trademarks of this system. Sensei Leon Jay further enhances the techniques of Small Circle Jujitsu using the powerful pressure point attacks of Kyusho-Jitsu. This potent combination of styles is extremely effective and can be utilized within any martial art. With over 45 years of training experience and a highly regarded instructor, Sensei Leon Jay travels the world teaching to students and instructors alike. Small Circle has been incorporated into many different fighting systems. For a quick preview of the video clip please Click here ( These video clips are presented at a low resolution for the web. Actual videos are much sharper and clearer. )

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