Chen Style Lao Jia Yi Lu

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The Chen Style Lao Jia Yi Lu featured in this video is the oldest form of Chen style Taijiquan still practiced today throughout the world. Lao Jia (Traditional Old Frame) was developed during the Qing dynasty by Chen Changxing, the 14th generation Chen Taijiquan patriarch. It includes Yi Lu (Route one) plus Er Lu (second routine or Cannon Fist). Lao Jia is a synthesis of the original shadow boxing forms created in the Ming dynasty by Chen Wangting, the founder of Taijiquan. Lao Jia Yi Lu consists of seventy-five movements that incorporate all the basic principles and techniques of Taijiquan including the silk reeling and fajing (explosive power). These movements are characteristic of Chen style. Each movement will be demonstrated from 3 different views: the front and both sides. The names of each movement will appear in both Chinese and English.

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