Cane System - Ranking Series Level 1 to 8 and Set

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American Cane System Ranking Series is produced by the American Martial Institute, under the direction of Grandmaster Clifford C. Crandall, Jr. with Grandmaster Mark Shuey, Sr., Grandmaster Eric Stalloch and Master Lynn Jessee.

DVD-CM06 Level 1: Yellow Belt. Covers fundamental grips, stances, empty-hand basics, blocks, striking angels, punching with the cane and other techniques.

DVD-CM07 Level 2: Orange Belt. Includes the training on heavy bag and partner drills.

DVD-CM08 Level 3: Green Belt. Introduces the concept of timing, repetition and the “three eyes”.

DVD-CM09 Level 4: Blue Belt. With 13 new self-defense techniques.

DVD-CM10 Level 5: Purple Belt. Involves complex joint locks and counters.

DVD-CM11 Level 6: Tan Belt. With 17 new self-defense techniques.

DVD-CM12 Level 7: Brown Belt. With 14 new advanced self-defense techniques.

DVD-CM13 Level 8: Black Belt. With 22 new advance techniques and it completes the documentation of the first required 100 techniques to earn the 1st Degree black belt.

25% OFF! Get the set of 4 Levels together! DVD-CM0A (Level 1-4) or DVD-CM0B (Level 5-8)

35% OFF! Get them all, a set of 8 Levels together! DVD-CM0C (Level 1-8)

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