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Four weapon varieties in a single set. Knife - 6" tanto blade; 11" overall. Full tang; heat treated stainless steel. Handle conceals 3 3/8" push dagger. Three stinging 4" steel throwing spikes. Ten 7/8" caltrops always land barbs up. All housed in tough nylon belt sheath. When you live the life of a ninja, assassin or black ops agent, you never know what pitfalls you may encounter on any given day. Need to set a trap for a hidden or trailing enemy? Is attacking your opponent from afar your best move? Maybe you're embroiled in a face-to-face, close quarters brawl with a rival. No matter the peril, Black Legion's Ninja Warrior Bag of Tricks will always keep you one step ahead of your foes. It features a diverse arsenal of potent weaponry suited to practically any treacherous or hostile situation. The fierce 11” Midnight Black Fixed Blade Knife is the set's crown jewel, boasting a razor sharp 6" tanto blade - legendary for its ability to pierce and stab its way through virtually any material. Forged with heat treated stainless steel, this extraordinary full tang beast of a tanto blade can withstand years - even decades - of vigorous use, and it's always a pleasure to wield, thanks to its ribbed, no-slip rubberized grip. The Bag of Tricks includes another hand-to-hand combat favorite - a 3 3/8" push dagger, discreetly tucked away inside the knife's handle pommel. With a stinging 1 5/8" double edged spear point blade, this little devil packs a big punch! Three 4" throwing spikes make quick work of distant adversaries, and ten 7/8" caltrops lay a dangerous trap sure to slow down any would-be attacker. Just throw these barbed menaces and they always land in an injurious position - prongs up! All of these robust arms fit conveniently in a single tough black nylon belt sheath. Just grab it and go! The Ninja Warrior Bag of Tricks from Black Legion is practically all you'll ever need, come what may. Best of all, this potent array of weaponry is surprisingly affordable! Order today! Wise ninjas don’t procrastinate when it comes to preparing for danger.

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