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Iron Tao Bag Color: Red
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DVDK-AT102 – Iron Body Master Kit - SAVE 30% on the DVD, Iron Tao Training Bag and Tao's 12 Herb Soak purchase.

Learn to break! You can study the powerful Iron training methods of Grandmaster Alexander Tao, one of the foremost leaders in breaking. He specializes in police and military combat training, so you know his methods are tried and tested on the street and the battlefield. Now Grandmaster Tao brings his training method directly to you with his revealing video including Power Meditation, Iron Body, Iron Palm, Iron Forearm, Iron Knee, Iron Head, and more! Also you get the Iron Tao Training bags and the Iron Tao 12 Herb Soak, complete for one low price. Everything you need to get started in the privacy of your own home.

Choice of Iron Tao Training Bag Color: Red, Blue or White.

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