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Shaolin Buddha's Fist is a style of kung fu developed during China's Ming Dynasty. Known as Sil Lum Fut Ga Kuen in Cantonese, it was founded by a Buddhist monk in the 17th century who mixed martial arts, taking the most effective combat techniques from the five Great Masters of the Shaolin Temple: Lau, Lee, Mok, Hung and Choy. The ultimate striking power of Shaolin Buddha's Fist is generated by combining the velocity of the blow with a solid foundation. The combat techniques of Shaolin Buddha's Fist stress speed and efficiency in the execution of each individual move. The combination of optimum force and velocity creates this ultimate power. This Shaolin Buddha's Fist series features a step-by-step demonstration by Grandmaster Arthur Lee and his son, Sifu Harlan Lee. Each video includes a brief history of Sil Lum Fut Ga Kuen and Grandmaster Arthur Lee. DVD-AL001 Shaolin Buddha's Fist Vol. 1- Whipping Power. Whipping Power features a step-by-step demonstration of the basic physical training and how to develop power to effectively practice the art. DVD-AL002 Shaolin Buddha's Fist Vol. 2 - Fighting Techniques. Fighting Techniques features a step-by-step demonstration of the basic fighting principle "strike in threes" and how to execute combination blocks and kicks.DVD-AL003 Shaolin Buddha's Fist Vol. 3 - Devastating Kicks. Devastating Kicks features a step-by-step demonstration of the basic fighting techniques with specific emphasis on fast, simple and direct powerful kicks. This video reveals the secret methods of Chinese kicking that incorporate the techniques of five Great Masters of the Shaolin Temple for the first time. Save 15% for purchasing all volumes.

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