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For a limited time, MartialArtsMart.com is offering the collection of Kung Fu Tai Chi's coveted library of Shaolin Specials. Several of these issues have been previously unavailable as back issues and once they're gone, they'll be gone for good. Get yours now while supply lasts.

**Note: Due to high International shipping cost, International order of Shaolin Kung Fu Special Magazines Pack add extra $20.

Back issues include:

June/July 1996 - Cover Master Shi Yan-Ming (not sold individually)
Dec/Jan 1999 - (Shaolin Special) Cover Master Shi Deyang (not sold individually)
DEC 1999 - (Shaolin Special) Cover Master Deshan/Xinghao
2000 Shaolin Special - Meditation Buddhism/Xinghao (not sold individually)
Aug 2000 - Cover Master Guolin/Ren Guangyi
Jan/Feb 2002 - (Shaolin Special) Cover Master Zhang Lipeng
Nov/Dec 2003 - (Shaolin Special) Cover Master Shi Yongxin
July/Aug 2004 - (Shaolin Special) Cover Master Shi Decheng
May/June 2005 - (Shaolin Special) Cover Master Shi Dejian
Jan/Feb 2007 - (Shaolin Special) Cover Master Yu Hai
Nov/Dec 2007 - (Shaolin Special) Shaolin: Temple of Zen Photos
Jan/Feb 2009 - (Shaolin Special) Cover Master Shi De Zhao
May/June 201 - (Shaolin Special) Cover Master Jin Le
May/Jung 2011 - (Shaolin Special) Cover Master Shi Yanneng
Sept/Oct 2011 - Cover Master Shi Yongyao
May/Jun 2012 - (Shaolin Special) Cover Master Shi Yanran
May/June 2013 - (Shaolin Special) Cover Master Shi Yanxu
May/June 2014 - (Shaolin Special) Cover Master Shi Yanzhuang
Jan/Feb 2018 - (Shaolin Special) Cover Master Ye Xinglie
Spring 2019 - (Shaolin Special) Cover Master Gao Xiang


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