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Organized by Lily Lau Eagle Claw Kung Fu Fed., Intl. Now you can own one of the hottest demonstrations of the millennium! Shaolin Grandmaster Zhu Tianxi (Buddhist name: Xing Zhen), a disciple of Shaolin Temple Monk Shi De Gen, brings his highly decorated troupe of Shaolin performers from China to demonstrate their spectacular Kung Fu. Also included are demonstrations from San Francisco top masters including Jason Wong, Andrew Foster, Tony Chen, Jeff Wong, Zhong Luo, Bryant Fong, Kwok Wing Lam, Shu Dong Li, Zhang Hong Mei, Phillip Wong and a Lion Dance by Leung's White Crane Association. Plus this video contains a Special Bonus Track! Grandmaster Zhu demonstrates the rare form Shaolin Chan Yuan Quan (Shaolin Zen Circle Fist) along with his brutal combat applications! This amazing footage was from Grandmaster Zhu's private demonstration at the TC Media studios. Witness for yourself the fighting fury of this renowned Shaolin Master!

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