Kung Fu Tai Chi 2011 July/Aug

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Cover Story The Wolf at the Door By Gene Ching with Gigi Oh Featured Wu Hao Tian: Kung Fu’s New Breed of Internal Combat Athlete By James Whelan and Isaac Rooks The Wing Chun Long Pole Impractical and Outdated, or Modern-Day Training Tool for Empty-Hand Kung Fu? By Phil Romero and Jason Smith Modern Butterfly Swords By Jeffrey D. Modell, Esq. Five Steps to Strong Knees By Scott Jensen The Real Internal Martial Arts By Kenneth S. Cohen David Chin Unveils Training Inherited from the Top Chair of the “Canton Ten Tigers” By David Chin and Nick Lamia China’s Answers to Ancient Karate Mysteries By Clay Worley Featured Weapon Twin Short Straight Swords Tournaments – Events – NEWS Pak Mei Grandmaster Cheung Bing Lam, 85, Passes By Williy Pang Shaolin Monk Shi Dezun Lectures at Harvard By Yon Lee with Zhao Xiaohu 15th Annual Collegiate Wushu Tournament–Pants on the Ground! By Sue Woo Dragon House 5 By Gene Ching Break-A-Thon for American Red Cross and Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Relief By Steffani Tomizaki What a year for ICMAC! By Nick Scrima

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