Kung Fu Tai Chi 2010 Jan/Feb

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Cover Story Great American Great Grandmaster By Gene Ching Features Taiji 13 Postures By Helen Liang From Engineer to MMA Fighter Vaughn Anderson and the Art of War By James Whelan Featured Weapon Xiao Dao A Healing Journey By Robert J. Bibeau, Captain, USMC Years of Sanshou A Conversation with Chinese National Champion Zhou Lizhong By Emilio Alpanseque RZA on The 36th Chamber of Shaolin By Gene Ching Break It Down Again By Tim Heuertz Conversations with the Grandmasters By Dale Napier Five Dragon Blooming Cannon By Gigi Oh and Gene Ching When Illness or Injury Strikes... Don’t Strike Back By K. Tanaka 8 Diagram Iron Palm By John Brown Tournaments - Events - News USA vs. China (or Blood and Rhinestones) By Patrick Lugo Dr. Yang’s Disciples: Year One By Gene Ching Jenna Castillo Defends Two Belts in Two Weeks By Gene Ching ICMAC Worldwide Circuit National Finals By Kim Sancric The Birth of the Mid America San Shou League By Peggy Oh

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