Kung Fu Tai Chi 2008 July/Aug

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Cover Story Cung Le Brings Sanshou into the Cage By Gene Ching Features The Martial Arts Master of Ceremonies By Chen Xinghua and Chi Chien Portrait of a Master and His Style Hu Jianlong and His Da Sheng Men By Thomas Quehl Law of the Jungle Choy Lay Fut’s Panther Fist By Chris Childs Thieu Lam Chinese Kung Fu Transplanted in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam By Antonio Graceffo Asian Fusion Sting and Modonna’s Coach Mixes Yoga and Kung Fu By Melissa Leon-Guerrero Do Featured Weapon Jade Dragon Sword Kun Wu Jian By William W. Cui and Max Fischer Sleepy Daoism The Kung Fu of Sleep By Brian L. Kennedy and Elizabeth Guo Olympic Tai Chi World Champion Zuo Yunjian Examines Tai Chi’s Wushu Difficulties By Chen Xinghua with Gigi Oh Protestors Disrupt Tai Chi Demo at the American Olympic Torch Run By Gene Ching Fight Quest at Shaolin Temple One-on-one with Doug Anderson By Gene Ching Tournaments - Events - News Martial Arts Day for Children By Nic Heggen Grandmaster of Peter Kwok’s System of Chinese Martial Arts Wins National Award By Don L. Lee The 12th Annual Collegiate Wushu Championship By Annie Beauneu 16th Annual UC Berkeley Chinese Martial Arts Tournament By Gene Ching A Who’s Who in Kung Fu: Hong Kong Choy Lay Fut Delegation Celebrates in San Francisco By Susan Farrar

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