Kung Fu Tai Chi 2007 Nov/Dec

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Cover Photos 34 Shaolin: Temple of Zen Photos by Justin Guariglia Features Word from the Abbot By Chen Xinghua The First Shaolin Monk in America By Gene Ching The Teachings of Shi Deyang By Walter Gjergja Dengfeng City Expansion Shaolin’s Neighbor Continues to Grow By Salvador Redner Strike Like Thunder - Hard as a Diamond The Myth Behind “Hero Sits on the Mountain” By Gene Ching Xiang Xing Quan - Inspiration from the Animal Kingdom By Stephen Chew and Shi Xu DeZheng The Movie Monk - What’s New with Zhang Lipeng By Barbara Malvik Featured Weapon - Three-Pronged Double-Edged Blade The First American Branded at Shaolin Temple By Melissa Leon-Guerrero Do Long River High Sky - Alonzo King’s Lines Ballet and Shaolin Monks By Gene Ching The Gold Mountain Monks - 38 Shaolin Immigrants to the San Francisco Bay Area By Chen Xinghua and Gigi Oh Tournaments - Events - News Years of USA Chin Woo - The 10th Taiji Legacy International Martial Arts Championship By Gene Ching IntMAT or IntMONK? By Rose Saint-Stephen Shaolin Legend Debuts on Milan Entertainment By Helen A. Buckett Newest Members of the Tiger Claw Family By Elly Duchamp Stanford Lab Examines Tai Chi By Gene Ching The 2007 U.S. Wushu Team Trials By Melody Chung Beijing 2008 By Rose Saint-Stephan Wind & Water Culture - Feng Shui - Lifestyle Kung Fu Horoscope By Wilson Sun (with Gigi Oh and Gene Ching) Kung Fu Wisdom Shi Deyang Calligraphy

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