Sil Nim Tao (The Foundation) Exercises & Applications

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DVD-BM00A is the combination of video series vol. 1: Sil Nim Tao (The Foundation) and vol. 2 Sil Nim Tao Training Exercises & Applications: Vol. 1: Sil Nim Tao (The Foundation): This is the first in a series of videos presented by the Ving Tsun Museum on the Yip Man system. Instructed by Museum founder Master Benny Meng. This video presents a curriculum based on the compiled Siu Nim Tau level of knowledge from many Grand Masters trained by the late Grand Master Yip Man. It examines the motions and techniques, forms and body mechanics, attributes, concepts and tactics, and applications. This tape expresses the Siu Nim Tao as the text book of the system. Each motion of the form is explained within the context of the Cantonese Chinese meaning. The information is presented in several formats throughout the video - solo, partner demonstration, and application - giving you a chance to see the simplicity, directness, and efficiency of this Wing Chun lineage. Vol. 2: Sil Nim Tao Training Exercises & Applications: This second video builds on the format demonstrated in the first tape, this time covering the fundamental exercises and drills. These exercises and drills directly relate to the Siu Nim Tau set, serving to build and develop skill and reinforce body mechanics. Paak Sau, Laahp Sau and Don Chi Sau are presented through motions and techniques, forms and body mechanics, attributes, concepts and tactics, and applications. The Siu Nim Tau form is a textbook; these exercises and drills are the laboratory to explore that great book. After training at this fundamental stage, the student should have an understanding of stability and how to maintain his ground in a self-defense situation.

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