Biu Ji (Thrusting Fingers / Focus Power) Exercises & Applications

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DVD-BM00C is the combination of video series vol. 5 Biu Ji (Thrusting Fingers / Focus Power) & vol. 6 Biu Ji (Thrusting Fingers / Focus Power) Training Exercises & Applications. Wing Chun Series Vol 5 - Biu Ji (Thrusting Fingers / Focus Power) This is the fifth in a series of videos presented by the Ving Tsun Museum on the Yip Man system. Biu Ji is the third form in the Yip Man system completing the Trilogy, the three forms. This video builds on the four previous tapes, bringing you into the advanced level of training with a focus on the nature and principles of the Biu Ji form together with the meaning of technique names. The Biu Ji set focuses on maximum power generation and focusing power to the extremities such as the fingers, forearm, elbow, etc. The second focus of the set is on "Gau Gap Sau" (Emergency Hand) for training you to recover from bad positions. This tape also covers the sequence, principles and applications of the form. The information is presented in several formats throughout the video - solo, partner demonstration, and application - giving you a chance to see the simplicity, directness, and efficiency of this Wing Chun lineage. Wing Chun Series Vol 6 - Biu Ji Training Exercises, Applications, & Tactics This is the sixth in a series of videos presented by the Ving Tsun Museum on the Yip Man system. This video builds on the format demonstrated in the previous five tapes, this time delving deeply into the nature of Wing Chun Combat through Chi Sau level of exercises and drills for the Biu Ji student. These exercises and drills directly relate to the Biu Ji set, reinforcing body mechanics and introducing the element of tactics and focused power. Many of the theories of Wing Chun from the previous tapes are brought to life through precise explanations and examples of fighting applications. By having skill at this level, the student is taking his "auto-pilot" to the next level - to react spontaneously and correctly to changing situations at different ranges with maximum power supported by an automatic recovery system for bad positions.

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