Kung Fu Tai Chi 2016 March / April

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Cover Story 8 Diagrams of Modern Wushu By Gene Ching and Gigi Oh The 18 Wooden Dummies of Choy Lee Fut By Emilio Alpanseque Wong Lai’s Night Tiger By Donald Hamby with Victor Nordgren The Guan Dao of Chinese Kung Fu By Rick L. Wing The Eight Principal Palms of Pak Mei Kung Fu By Peter Pena Bajiquan, the Leopard Style By Lucas Christopoulos The Bump By Arnaldo Ty Núñez Traditional Events Introduced at 13th World Wushu Championships By Lori Ann White Qigong – The Practice of Cultivating Life By Daniel Cashman Featured Weapon Guandao Tournment - Events - News Clawmarks By Zhao Xiaohu 2015 Taiwanese and Chinese American Athletic Tournament: Shuaijiao Tournament By Ryan Chen Photos by Jumiana Weng Martial Artist Anthony Kelly Captures Another Guinness World Record By Hanna Riviera The 13th World Wushu Championships By Eugene Moy Chollywood Rising: Year of the Monkey and More

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