Dojo Magazine – 1995 Summer Issue

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Product Details Dojo Magazine - 1995 SUMMER Issue For other issues of Dojo magazine click here Cover Story Ernie Boggs: Sport Jujitsu’s Premier Champ by Robert Hughes Feature Stories The Gap Between Western Thought and Eastern Thought by Shiro Shintaku The Search for the Bubishi by Patrick McCarthy Training in the Five Elements by Carl Brown Mas Oyama: Remembering a Master by Tanya Ann Bailey The Weapon You’re Not Prepared to Face: San-Jitsu’s Defense Against a Sportsman”s Tool by Robert Woosley Judo in America: Judo’s Winning Women by Willy Cahill Hiji Ate Goho: Shitoryu’s Deadly Elbows by Rudy Crosswell Reiki: Japan’s Little-Known Healing Art by Thomas J. Nardi, Ph.D. Conquering Speed: A Matter of Space and Time by Rev. Kensho Furyura Soho-Jutsu: The Spear Fighting Skills of Ancient Times by Harunaka Hoshino The Yagyu Clan and the Mystique of the Swordsman by David Bannon The Cosmic Punch by Richard Kim Origins of Modern Karate Philosophy by George Alexander

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