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50% OFF - This informative video traces the complete history of Okinawan Karate and includes information and facts about karate that have never before been released on video and not in the book ÏOkinawan Island Of KarateÓ. This video explains the customs, philosophy and evolution of Karate, and features rare never before seen footage of the masters: Gichin Funakoshi sparring! Hohan Soken kobudo demo! Eiso Shimabuku, Eiichi Miyazato Shoshin Nagamine, Katsuyu Miyahiro, Shugoro Nakazato, Seikichi Uehara, Shinpo Matayoshi, Seikichi Odo and others! This videos explains OkinawaÌs Kobudo weapons, take a tour of OkinawaÌs Budo Kan Museum showing artifacts from KarateÌs history: Chogun MiyagiÌs Gi and obi, FunakoshiÌs Sai, hanko stamps and certificates. Shinken Tairas red belt, Chosen ChibanaÌs calligraphy and much more. Approx. 55 minutes Full Color.

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