Kung Fu Tai Chi 2014 Nov/Dec

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Cover Story The Form and Will of Internal Power By Gene Ching and Gigi Oh Features Maximum Flexibility By Gene Ching and Gigi Oh Flexibility Training for the Martial Arts By Greg Lynch Jr The Art and Science of Taking a Fall By Daniel Cashman Safe Landing Techniques of Shuai-chiao to Avoid Injuries By Adriano Ropero, PhD., and Chi-hsiu D Weng, PhD. Kung Fu versus Multiple Opponents By Andrew Finnell Tiger Style By Wang Hongxiang The Closer I Get to You By Arnaldo Ty Nunez The Indian Gada and Chinese Melon Hammers By Harjit Singh Sagoo Featured Weapon Ming Dynasty Dao Tournaments – Events - News Clawmarks By Jonny Oh Honky Tonk Kung Fu: Legends of Kung Fu 2014 By Gene Ching Team USA Captures 1st at 2014 European-Rome World Shuaijiao Tournament By Emeric Chen The 12th Annual Chinese American Olympics of Northern California By Gigi Oh with Zhao Xiaohu Hip Hop Chess Federation Opening By Gene Ching Preserving the Legacy at the 6th International Traditional Kung Fu Association Championship By Gene Ching

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