Wing Chun Fighting Application Volume 1

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In this volume, Grand Master Benny Meng takes you behind the scenes to understand the When, Where, How, and Why of Wing Chun Application. Rather than focus on developing techniques, on this DVD the Grand Master gives you what you need to know to put your techniques into operation against an uncooperative opponent in a free environment where kicks, strikes, takedowns, sweeps, throws, and joint controls are all part of the game. When it comes to learning the martial arts from exotic, hidden systems to one of the most popular arts such as Wing Chun, practitioners start the learning process by developing tools and techniques. Many make the mistake of continually learning and adding more. Collecting tools does not automatically develop an understanding of a technique’s mechanics and functions. When you understand that the form and mechanics of a technique gives birth to the tool’s functions, you are no longer at the beginner stage of chasing after techniques and styles. To reach the highest levels of understanding and skill, you must take your techniques into the arena of live fighting skill against a resisting opponent in a challenging environment free of fixed patterns. To achieve this level, you must separate the methods used to develop the tools from the methods used to achieve live skill. This DVD covers what makes Wing Chun into Wing Chun, and putting Wing Chun into application. In order to develop the skill for application, you must understand this progression: learn tools in fixed drills, understand form and mechanics, and then apply the tool and mechanics under stress in a free-flow environment. This DVD is an excellent companion to the Ving Tsun Museum Ip Man Instructional DVD Series, also produced by TC Media, International - which is focused on developing the tools and techniques of Wing Chun.

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