The Extraordinary Martial Artists of the World - 2 Discs

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The Extraordinary Martial Artists of the World – 2013 Lunar New Year Gala (2 Discs) The Extraordinary Martial Artists of the World Lunar New Year Gala was a one-of-kind, once-in-a-lifetime gathering of elite martial artists from around the world. The first event of its kind in North America, the Gala was a momentous gathering with approximately 50 national and international champions, all-round champions, renowned martial arts masters, and leaders of martial arts organizations from China, Singapore, USA, Europe and Canada. The world class performers gave an amazing performance that dazzled and inspired the audience. To brief just a few of these distinguished performers: Grandmaster Zhang Ling Mei, Grandmaster Zhou Shu Sheng, Grandmaster John Leong, Grandmaster Shouyu Liang, Grandmaster Tu Jin Sheng and his children, Master Zhao Chang Jun, Master Chen Si Tan, Master Zhou Yun Jian, Master Liu Yu, Master Li Tian Yuan, Master Helen Liang, Master Chenhan Yang, Master He Tao, Master Wu Wenchin, Master Sam Masich, Master Jose Johnson, Master Liu Yang, Master Wang Heng and many other renowned martial artists.

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