Liangshan Ziwumen Kung Fu Series

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Volume: DVD-SY001 (Vol. 1 Ziwumen Internal Power)
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Save 20%! DVD-SY001 + DVD-SY002 + DVD-SY003 = DVD-SY010: Liangshan Ziwumen Kung Fu Complete Series

The Ziwumen Kung Fu Trilogy showcases the rich legacy of Liangshan Mountain Kung Fu. This unique tradition descends from the Chinese classic of historical fiction, Outlaws of the Marsh (aka Water Margin, All Men Are Brothers, 水浒传). Ziwumen means Meridian Gate. These videos are presented by Master Song Yixiang, the 21st generation lineage holder of Ziwumen, translated for the first time to English by TCMedia, International. The Ziwumen Kung Fu Trilogy includes Ziwumen Internal Power, Open the Mountain Fist, and Choujiao.

DVD-SY001: Ziwumen Internal Power 子午内功入门 According to legend, Ziwumen Internal Power training was developed by three heroes of Outlaws of the Marsh, the monk Sagacious Lu Zhishen, the tiger-slayer Wu Song, and the Daoist mystic Gong Sunsheng. Two Internal Power qigong forms are presented. The first form teaches you the fundamentals. The second is the preliminary exercises for Ziwumen Iron Shirt.

DVD-SY002: Open the Mountain Fist 开山拳 Open the Mountain Fist is an introductory form for Ziwumen Kung Fu. Three training components are presented. The first is the solo training form. Second is a two-man sparring form which reveals and trains the combat applications for the solo form. Third is a method of Ziwumen Internal Power training qigong specifically presented to accompany this Open the Mountain Fist form.

DVD-SY003: Choujiao 戳脚连环腿 Choujiao is an unusual style of traditional Ziwumen Kung Fu that deploys powerful leg techniques. According to legend, this form was created a heroes of Outlaws of the Marsh, the tiger-slayer Wu Song. The full name is Chuojiao Lianhuantui which means ‘poking feet, linking legs’. This Choujiao form is presented with extensive applications and variations, including defense against armed assailants. DVD-SY010: Liangshan Ziwumen Kung Fu Series All of the above 3 DVDs: Ziwumen Internal Power, Open the Mountain Fist and Choujiao.

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