Baat Jaam Dou Part 2

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Part I of the Baat Jaam Dou DVD consists of Sections 1- 4 which are used against a long weapon such as a spear or long pole. In this part II series, it cover Sections 5-7 which are used against short weapons such as Swords and Knives, and Section 8 is used for close combat and concealed attacks. The Knives are the Parents In the past Wing Chun edged weapons were typically the first thing a martial artist, rebel, or soldier would learn to use. In life-and-death combat, second place often means death. As the art moved away from its origins and into the hands of civilians the weapons were no longer taught first. Today it became more practical to learn the hand-to-hand aspect of Wing Chun as a form of self-defense. The days of taking up arms against the Qing invaders were long gone, therefore masters began teaching students empty hand forms before the weapons. When training with the knives it immediately becomes clear that they are, in fact, the parents of the empty hand system. The idea of maximum efficiency takes on a whole new meaning when you are dealing with lethal weapons where a small mistake can cost you your life or a limb. In this DVD, Grand Master Benny Meng and his team, Master Brad Ryan, Sifu Vincent Meng, and Sifu Scott Stapleton, first demonstrated the training of empty hand form as well as with the knives. Next, it shows how to develop the proper mechanics for the knives form and its detail applications for further training. There are many new concepts that are shown for the first time to the public. Detail of proper body postures and footwork Applying the Correct Techniques Recognizing the target areas Understanding the practical function of the weapons The correct design of the knives The secret of the name and meaning of Baat Jaam Dou (8 Slashing Swords) The combat tactics of Baat Jaam Dou

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