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Wushu Weapons Gift Pack (5 DVDs):

Learn about the 5 most popular wushu weapon forms available from TC Media Intl. All the DVDs are demonstrated by top competitors, many are China National Champions and the Rope Dart is demonstrated by the 2006 Tiger Claw Elite Grand Champion Donald Hyun Kiolbassa.

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1) Twin Hooks (DVD-CS001): The Twin Hooks are known for their diverse combat applications. This unique weapon combines the abilities of sword, cane and dagger. The blade of the weapon curves away from the bearer to form the hook. The hilt has a dagger-like spike while the hand is protected by a crescent moon shaped guard, perfect for blocking, trapping and striking. The entire weapon is made of steel. First, you will learn step-by-step instruction of the 8 basic techniques for Twin Hooks. Slow motion and reverse angles clearly reveal each movement. The complete routine is divided into 4 sections then broken down further into a total 32 movements for easy learning. Combat applications for Twin Hooks are also demonstrated. Performed by Zhang Yen of the Jiangsu Wushu Team and All Around Youth Woman's Champion

2) Twin Broadswords (DVD-CS002): The broadsword is one of the main weapons of Chinese martial arts. It has been popular since primitive times, when early warriors used stone and bone knives. Use of twin swords for fighting has been recorded in history from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 CE.) Twin Broadswords begins with step-by-step instructions of the basic techniques. Then the complete routine is divided into 4 sections for easy learning. These sections are broken down into clear lessons of about 10 movements each. Slow motion and reverse angles clearly reveal each movement. The last section of this tape demonstrates applications by teaching you a bonus complete routine - twin broadswords vs. spear weapon sparring. Zhao Chun was selected into the Jiangsu Wushu Team at a very young age. He has won many awards and trophies in past years, and has also traveled to many different countries to demonstrate wushu. His achievements have earned him the nickname "Twin-Broadsword King" among his teammates.

3) 9 Section Whip Chain (DVD-CS003): Nine Section Whip Chain: Generally, martial arts weapons are classified into two categories, the soft and the hard. Nine-Section Whip belongs to the soft category. It can use its softness to attack and its stillness to defend against the hard opponent. With any weapon, you should be very familiar with its use and safety. A lot of practice must be invested in order to become an expert, especially with whip chain. This tape shows you how to master the whip and enjoy its glory. You will learn step-by-step instructions on the 14 basic techniques of the whip chain. Slow motion and reverse angles clearly reveal each movement. Then, the complete routine is divided into 4 sections. This is further broken down into a total 28 movements for easy learning. Also included in this tape is the special bonus complete routine - Twin Whip Chains. Demonstrated by National Champions Zhang Yi Rong and Fan Rei Chu.

4) Three Section Staff (DVD-CS004): The Three-Section Staff consists of three short wooden staffs held together by metal links. It is characterized by its high speed and ferocity, along with its flexibility and its continuous circular striking movements. The Three-Section Staff is a very versatile weapon, with the ability to reach and strike out over longer distances as well as perform very well in close quarter combat. Step-by-step instruction of basic techniques includes: figure 8, reverse figure 8, ground hitting, black dragon whips its tail, cloud hand method, and gathering the staffs. The complete routine is divided into 4 sections for easy learning. Each section is repeated 3 times first and the whole set with regular and slow motion. The last section of this tape demonstrates applications by teaching you a bonus complete routine - Three-Section Staff vs. Staff weapon sparring. Performed by Liu Bo of the Jiangsu Wushu Team and the National Youth Champion in Three-Section Staff.

5) Rope Dart (DVD-DK001) The Rope Dart is one of the most thrilling weapons of Kung Fu. A metal dart is fixed to fifteen feet of rope, adorned with a silk tassel. Practitioners wield the Rope Dart with a deceptive series of spins and slipknots allowing them to fling the weapon in any direction. In the right hands, the Rope Dart is as lethal as it is spectacular. In this video, you will learn the secrets of Rope Dart from one of its leading proponents, Donald Hyun Kiolbassa. Donald will walk you step-by-step through all of the basics, and then reveal the methods behind the spectacular tricks.

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