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Wing Chun Gift Pack (3 DVDs)

An internationally renowned martial artist, instructor and referee, Benny Meng has devoted his entire lifetime to the field of martial arts. He has been featured by national news and major martial arts publications as among the world's best martial artists. He has fought and won against some of the world's best, both in the U.S. and in the Orient.

Master Meng has also performed numerous international martial arts demonstrations nationally, astounding on-lookers with feats of concentration, speed, and special techniques! Benny Meng began his Wing Chun Kung Fu training in 1982. He has trained under Sifus Lee Hoi Sang, Moy Yat, Yip Ching, and Garrett Gee. In 1993, Benny Meng established the Ving Tsun Museum. Benny Meng is a Certified Senior Instructor (7th Degree). This Wing Chun Gift Pack contains his 2 volumes of Wooden Dummy training and the Wing Chun Long Pole.

Buy all 3 DVDs in the Wooden Dummy and Wing Chun Long Pole and SAVE 25%.

1. Muk Yan Jong - Shaolin Wooden Dummy, Sections 1-4 (DVD-BM007)

2. Muk Yan Jong - Shaolin Wooden Dummy, Sections 5-8 (DVD-BM008)

3. Wing Chun Long Pole: Luk Dim Boon Kwan (DVD-BM009)

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