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Nunchaku Gift Pack (3 DVDs)

In 2002, the United States Martial Arts Association Recognized the art of Underground Jeet Kune Do, an art founded by Sensei Chuck. Sensei Chuck is a 2nd Dan Black Belt in American Style Nunchaku, and a 2nd Dan Black belt in Underground Jeet Kune Do.

Sensei Chuck is a member of the World Black Belt Bureau and a member of the United States Martial Arts Association. Sensei Chuck might be best known for creating his line of Sundragon Nunchaku. Sundragon Nunchakus were featured in the product review section of MASUCCESS Magazine July of 2003.

Today Sensei Chuck owns Sundragon Martial arts academy in Camden-Wyoming Delaware. Sensei Chuck has competed for years in not only weapons division but San-Shou and Kickboxing as well. He still travels with Team Sundragon and competes regularly all over the United States. People from all over the world learn the Art of the Nunchaku thru Sensei Chucks Website- www.sundragonmartialarts.com and earn rank thru his video ranking system.

He also has an Instructor training program and has instructors teaching in several countries.

Buy the complete Sundragon Nunchaku training systems and SAVE 20%.

Vol. 1: Introduction to Nunchaku (DVD-DH001): When it comes to martial arts, everyone knows Nunchaku. Now you can learn the fastest and flashiest techniques of this popular weapon through this safe, time-tested program. This instructional video will show you all the basics you need to know: warm ups, breathing, stances, blocks, strikes and drills. You'll even learn a special training form called "The Stinger", so you can practice all the basic techniques quickly and efficiently. This system is based on the curriculum of Sundragon Martial Arts, producer of many nunchaku champions and masters. By synthesizing the diverse traditional nunchaku methods down, Sundragon has created an easy-to-learn system that you can master in the privacy of your own home. After studying this program, you'll be whipping your nunchaku just like Bruce Lee!(80 min.)

Vol. 2: Intermediate Nunchaku(DVD-DH002): The next step in nunchaku training! You'll learn many new striking methods, along with accompanying drills to improve your technique. As spectacular as they are effective, these methods are the building blocks to nunchaku mastery! Plus this video teaches you a special training form called "Dragon's Myst" to reinforce all the techniques in one fluent and flashy form. Master Chuck Hansen guides you through the exciting world of nunchaku, giving you his experienced tips along each step of your journey for safe and productive training. This is American-style nunchaku, fusing the diverse traditions of Asia into a well-structured curriculum from Sundragon martial arts. An accomplished teacher and master, Master Hansen reveals the nunchaku secrets of success. Also, this video introduces the basics for twin nunchaku-wielding two nunchaku at the same time! (70 min.)

Vol. 3: Advanced Nunchaku (DVD-DH003): Now you can learn the most sophisticated methods of this ancient weapon. Advanced nunchaku teaches you twin nunchaku-the art of wielding two nunchaku simultaneously. You'll learn a series of advanced combinations and their variations, along with specific drills to hone your skills. What's more, this video shows you a special form called "The American" that trains you in these advanced methods. This spectacular form also makes for a great demo! This no-nonsense program will teach you what you want to know about nunchaku techniques that work. Also included on this video are open hand techniques. These are the one-handed passes-the trickiest and most impressive of all nunchaku techniques. Review of the previous videos in this program is strongly recommended. (80 min.).

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