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Iron Skills Gift Pack (4 DVDs)

Master Alexander Tao developed this modern art of fighting for real-life and street fighting situations. Master Tao holds a Guinness World Record and is a master of Shaolin Temple Wudang Mountain and Liang Mountain. Jing Quan Dao is Master Tao's masterpiece. He devoted 20 years researching, developing and training until he arrived at Jing Quan Dao, a powerful art of Chinese Military training methods.

Buy all his 4 DVDs of Iron body training and SAVE 30%.

1. Shadow Boxing (Void Strikes) (DVD-AT101): This highly effective method has been implemented by Chinese law enforcement and military as a practical means of self defense. Developed by Grandmaster Alexander Tao, a Guinness Book of World Records holder and master of the martial arts. Shadow Boxing (Void Strikes) teaches you the basic building blocks for a combat fighter. Everything is broken down into simple, easy-to-learn training techniques. This video also outlines the structure of Jing Quan Dao, including the ranking system.

2. Iron Body and Power Meditation (DVD-AT102): This DVD teaches you how to cultivate your internal power, known as qi. Using qi, Grandmaster Alex Tao and his students can break bricks, boards and bottles with ease, and withstand tremendous blows to their bodies. This method is known as Iron Body and includes Iron Palm, Iron Head, Iron Fist, Iron Finger, Iron Forearm, Iron Elbow, Iron Knees, Iron Feet and more. You'll see more actual demonstrations of real breaks by Grandmaster Tao and his students than in any other such video.

3. Fingertip Handstands- The One-Finger Zen Training Method (DVD-AT103): One-finger Zen is a rare and unique skill that is used to strengthen fingertips for pressure point attacks. Legend attributes this powerful method to Shaolin Temple. Masters of One-finger Zen can perform all sorts of amazing feats, such as fingertip push-ups and even handstands. Grandmaster Alex Tao, the founder of the Chinese military fighting method Jing Quan Dao, is a leading master of One-finger Zen. His fingertip feats have earned him a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. Coupled with his highly-effective combat system, One-Finger Zen is a devastating method of self defense.

4. Iron Leg (DVD-AT107): Get Devastating Kicks! Iron Leg is a traditional method of strengthening and conditioning your legs for maximal power and endurance. These methods are based on a street-practical system used by the Chinese Police and Military called Jing Quan Dao (Way of the Alert Fist). Developed by Grandmaster Alexander Tao, a Guinness Book of World Records holder, Jing Quan Dao is highly effective for combat and self defense.

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