Wushu Jumps & Wushu Falls by Philip Sahagun

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Wushu Jumps & Wushu Falls by Philip Sahagun

Learn to fly! And more importantly, learn to land safely! Wushu is famous for spectacular leaps and dynamic landings. Now Wushu Champion Philip Sahagun reveals the secrets behind the awesome moves of Wushu! You’ll learn all the training methods to safely and effectively train these spectacular techniques in a simple step-by-step format, without all the hassles of formal Wushu training. Designed for everyone, these DVDs are perfect for Martial Arts Trickers, Parkour enthusiasts, Hip Hop Dancers or anyone who wants to learn some flashy moves.

Philip Sahagun is an accomplished martial arts champion in both forms and fighting. With an extensive background in Kenpo, Kickboxing, Wushu and Shaolin Kung Fu, Philip is a 7-time National Weapons Champion and a 3-Time International Martial Arts Council Grand Champion. Philip has been a semi-finalist on America’s Got Talent, as well as a contestant on two of China’s top-rated reality competitions, Kung Fu Star and Jackie Chan’s Disciple.

He toured as a martial arts ‘Ninja’ performer for Tina Turner’s 50th Anniversary World Tour. He represented America twice at the World Traditional Wushu Festival in China where he won both gold and silver medals for the U.S. Team.

Wushu Jumps DVD-PS001 Includes basic preparation and conditioning along with the fundamentals and variations for Jump Fronts, Aerials, Jump Outside Kicks, Tornado Kicks, Tornado Splits, Butterflies, Butterfly Twists, and Aerial Twists.

Wushu Falls DVD-PS002: Includes basic preparation and conditioning along with the fundamentals and variations for Front Falls, Side Falls, Back Falls, Kicking Falls, Butterfly Falls, Twisting Falls and Tumbling Falls.

Purchase both DVD and save 25%! DVD-PS010 Wushu Jumps & Wushu Falls

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