Kung Fu Tai Chi November + December 2017

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Cover Story 22 Fierce Tiger Descending the Mountain Features 32 Wong Lei’s Fierce Tiger By Donald Hamby and Theodore Henderson 38 The Ancestors of Five Ancestors Fist By Daniel Kun 46 Embracing the Wall Learn Wushu Foundation Exercises That Only Require a Wall & You By Joseph Scarcella and Emilio Alpanseque 54 Weight Training for Chinese Broadsword Mastery By Patrick Jay Lant 58 From the Mundane to the Martial Hakka Bean Bag Training By Williy Pang 64 The Importance of Shaolin Kung Fu Partner Work By Chris Friedman 68 The Three-Section Staff of Shaolin Temple By Leon Zhang 72 The Yin and Yang of Fu Style Baguazhang By Terrence Trumbo 78 Baguazhang for Long Life 92 Featured Weapon Butterfly Paired Knives Tournaments - Events - News 14 Grandmaster Pan Qing Fu 1938–2017 By Zhao Xiaohu 16 National Top Wushu Athletes Excel in Lubbock By Emilio Alpanseque 17 United States Dragon & Lion Dance Federation Judges Course and Inauguration By Wu Niu-sheng 18 9th ITKFA Chinese Martial Arts Championship By Peter Pena 20 The First Ever Shaolin Temple 72 Specialty Skills Competition By Chris Friedman

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