Kung Fu Tai Chi 2017 March + April

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Cover Story Family of Lions By Jeff Hung and Stephen Chew Features ‘Uncle’ Allen Joe Remembers Bruce Lee By Gene Ching The Deceptive Double Daggers of Ying Jow Pai By Williy Pang Bow Sim Mark’s Bagua Heritage By Jean Lukitsh Health for the Four Seasons through Baguazhang By Liang Keming with Gigi Oh Pushing Butterflies Reassessing Sport Taijiquan Push Hands By Emilio Alpanseque Shaolin Push Hands By Chris Friedman Shaolin Continuous Hand Short Strikes By Leon Zhang with Gigi Oh and Gene Ching Iron Finger, Soft Brush By Gene Ching and Gigi Oh Featured Weapon Oxtail Saber Tournaments - Events - News Clawmarks By Jonny Oh Report on the 6th New England International Wushu Championships By Anthony Roberts Oakland 1964 The Challenge that Became Legend, The Legend that Became Bruce Lee By Emilio Alpanseque

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