Book - The Theory of Multi-Dimensional Unified Universal Energy (Paperback)

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Product Description The Theory of Multi-Dimensional Unified Universal Energy (MDUUE) is based upon information Master Li obtained directly from the Universe when the functions of his brain developed to their highest state after years of cultivation. This theory is based upon a new philosophy, which breaks through the limitations of three-dimensional logical thinking. Master Li has performed in-depth research with regard to the following living human systems Living Biological Computer, Living Biological Antennae and Living Software, and the Living System of Nature and the Universe. MDUUE suggests that by utilizing the high-level Living Systems of nature and the universe, combined with methods of High-Performance Energy Designs, human beings can not only develop their brain systems, but can also upgrade their body functions and energy, and change their fate. This book includes numerous examples, which are used for illustration. This book also proposes that the principles of comprehensive balance of universal energy system movement are the soul of science and culture, as well as the foundation of all matter. The crisis our environment currently experiences is a direct result of the violation of this law. Master Li hopes that by adopting this new theory, readers will make a wise move that may very well save them from the impending environmental crisis. About the Author Master Jixing Li was born in Fu Shun, China. He started learning and practicing martial arts and qigong at the age of eight. Having studied under many famous and illustrious qigong practitioners, in 1980 he opened his own clinic in Tokyo where he used qigong for both health and beauty treatments. He is one of the few licensed by the Institute of Qigong Science and Research of China, and is solely authorized by that institute to issue qigong licenses in Japan. The effectiveness of his qigong healing has attracted both scholarly and popular attention. He has cooperated with several university research programs in human energy, participated in an experiment carried out by the Agency of Science and Technology (Japanese government agency), and joined a research program run by the ESP Research Institute of the United States. Major Japanese Television stations, such as NHK Japan National Broadcasting, Asahi, Fuji, Tokyo, and Nihon Television, have telecasted many of these experiments. His work and exercises were featured in dozens of widely circulated Japanese magazines. Additionally, he is the author of a 1998 Japanese bestseller, The Power of Qigong, published by the PHP Institute of Japan. During his years of practice, Master Li has successfully helped patients with serious illnesses such as cancer, heart problems, nervous system disorders, etc. In addition, he is well known for his rejuvenation treatments. The result of a younger looking appearance is not simply from a so called Qigong face lift but from a combination of regenerating young cells, revitalizing each organ and replenishing the nervous systems. In other words, it s a practice of reversing aging process instead of a beauty treatment. Since 2004, Master Li has been invited to participate in seminars and conferences hosted by reputable Qigong and Health associations, such as World Qigong Congress, Whole Person Health Summit, CAMExpo, and Health workshop by State University of New York at Stony Brook, to give lectures and demonstrate energy healing in the United States. Master Li s capability attracts attention from both bio-energy researchers and serious-minded students. Responding to invitations from Pennsylvania State University s Materials Research Laboratory, Duke University and the University of California at Irvine, Master Li started his first collaboration with U.S. scientists to further advance the understanding of human subtle energy and the role of consciousness in healing. Now he resides in Mountain View, California. He wishes through his newly established non-profit organization -The Universal Energy Foundation, he is able to help more people and work with more energy scientists and qigong masters on how to use qigong and related energy modalities to remedy extreme and urgent environmental issues.

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